Botell Volta in the app

We want to offer you a more personal stay by digitalizing all services. Does it sound strange? It is not.

 By moving routinary work such as check in, room service and payment to our home developed app, we release time for our staff to entirely focus on improving your overall botell experience.

We have gathered all of the botells services in a menu system which makes the app a central part of your stay. Where you have the ability to adapt your stay to your personal needs. We offer services that we know you need. Cleaning, washing, transportation, food delivery, training and repair, for example. If there is anything you need, we got it. Check out our service menu for our current range of services.

On the map you can of course find where the botell is located, but we have also put pins on other locations we think you might deem interesting. Such as bus stops, restaurants, food stores and more. There is also a feedback button in the top right corner where you can leave instant feedback if there is something you would like to communicate to the staff. Send us a comment, a picture or both with a simple tap of the button and we will solve your issue as quickly as possible.

Last but not least, and perhaps the most important function: Instead of keycards, we have the app. When you check in with the app you will gain the ability to unlock your doors directly with the app by tapping the key icon on the main page when you are in the the proximity to your door.

Through the app you will also be able to indulge in the area’s rich history. Take our historical tour and travel back centuries in time as we combine the technology of the app with our art exhibition to bring the past to life.

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